It's Vader Time



FOOTBALL: High School All-American, 2X College All-American, 3rd Round Draft Pick to the LA Rams (1978), NFC Champion (1978), Super Bowl (1978), Only professional wrestler to reach the Super Bowl and hold a Heavyweight Championship.

WCW: 3X WCW World Heavyweight Champion, WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, Battle Bowl Winner 1993, Wrestler of the Year 1993 (Only Super Heavyweight Ever to accomplish) for both PWI and WON, Best Heel 1993

NJPW: 3X IWGP Heavyweight Champion, First Non-Japanese Wrestler to ever hold the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, IWGP Tag Team Champion, Super Grade Tag League

AJPW: 2X Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, First Wrestler (Including Japanese Wrestlers) to ever hold the IWGP and the Triple Crown, World Tag Champion, Champion Carnival Winner 1999, Most Improved Wrestler Award 1999

UWFI: Pro-Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, Best of World Tournament

CWA - Europe: 3X CWA Heavyweight Champion, CWA International Heavyweight Champion 

UWA - Mexico: UWA Heavyweight Champion

NOAH: GHC Tag Team Champion